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A highly effective macrophage activating treatment, GcMAF therapy is used to stimulate the immune system and activate macrophages so that they can destroy cancer cells and other abnormal cells in the body.
Cancer immunotherapy involves stimulating the patient’s immune system to locate and eliminate Cancer cells. GcMAF is a potent endogenous macrophage activator found in blood naturally. GcMAF activates macrophages via superoxide radical generation and activates phagocytosis.

Nagalase is an enzyme secreted only by Cancer cells, not from normal cells. Nagalase breaks down parts of the serum Gc protein. Normally, the Gc protein acts as a precursor for GcMAF formation. When Nagalase breaks down the Gc protein, the structure of the Gc protein changes and it can no longer act as a precursor for MAF. Therefore, the macrophages cannot be activated using GcMAF anymore. Nagalase can only act on Gc protein, not on GcMAF. Therefore, injecting GcMAF will boost the immune system and destroy Cancer cells.