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Kaya is a purpose-built, integrative medical and wellness centre that focuses on the whole being and not only on the ‘disease’. We treat the totality of a person as a spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical being, to achieve good health, wellness, and thereby recover from the disease.

Integrating modern and traditional, scientific and empirical methods, we use the healing powers of nature’s sciences to identify and treat the cause of cancer. Our emphasis on gentle, non-invasive and effective interventions do not have adverse side-effects. Prevention and non-recurrence is a key component of our approach. Evidence-based medicine and protocols are the basis of our interventions.

Our personalised approach tailor treatments for patients based on their individual makeup. We consider the body’s natural defences and limitations to fight cancer cells. A patient’s emotional and spiritual self-plays an equally significant role in our diagnosis. By accurately profiling a patient, we are able to deliver a highly efficient course of action, whilst evaluating and modifying treatments for best results, on a daily basis.

Our 100% natural treatments improve the immune system while protecting and nourishing the body’s healthy cells. We specialise in organically sourced herbals, which are intravenously administered to eliminate the growth and spread of cancer. For the added efficacy of our integrative cancer therapies, we offer acupuncture, aromatherapy, oncology massage, and a host of other wellness therapies including yoga and qigong.

We recognise the value of modern technology and its immense potential to advance oncological care and grant a better quality of life for our patients. Our personalised protocols combine the immense benefits of the world’s most sophisticated treatment technologies, which are easily accessible at Kaya Sri Lanka.